I am so gutted with work at the moment. We have just had our request for more ergonomic chairs denied. The excuse? That even though they have had many other similar requests, the approved chairs provided by the Council are ergonomically tested and therefore are fine.

I'm sorry? There have been many similar complaints? Does that not say something? That maybe the approved ergonomic chairs (Translation: the cheapest chairs we could get) aren't that great.

What a caring work environment we have. The three of us here have had a work and safety assessment which said the desks and chairs we have here are causing (but not limited to): headaches, back strain, neck strain, eye strain, shoulder and elbow problems (not to mention some serious grumpiness).

I really do hate it here. They have a really special way of making everyone who works here feel undervalued, underpaid and used. And then they wonder why there is such low moral here and why they have such a high staff turn-around.

There must be more then this?