Just popped in

Just to let you know I am still here. Things with Shane's surgery went well. It was the most frightening, nerve-wracking, gut-wrenching few days of my life. It is so awful to see someone you love so much in so much pain and not be able to do anything about it. He's young and fit and recovered pretty well, so well they sent us home on day 5. However, when we woke up on day 6, Shane had lost his memory, was confused and weak. I was freaking. Straight back down to the A&E and another frightening, nerve-wracking, gut-wrenching day before they readmitted him, CT scans, ECGs, EEGs. His memory is slowly coming back and they released him yesterday because it was upsetting him so much to be there. They still haven't found anything wrong but we are booked in for an MRI next week. This is going to be a long process. I didn't realise how exhausting it would be. We are staying with his mum so I'll still be a bit sporadic. And besides, when I'm not looking after him, all to do is sleep. Ahh sleep. Might go do some of that now.