New Tricks

 I love using paint on my scrapbook pages and thought I'd share a few easy ways you can get artistic with yours. It's also a really fun way to use up those plain coloured papers or change papers to suit your colour scheme.

Disclaimer: I don't spend any time making sure things are acid free, so if that is important to you, these might not be the best techniques!

All you need is some acrylic paint, some cheap watercolours, old bubble-wrap, spare paper, paper towels and anything else you can think of for getting messy!

The first technique is using watercolours. I got mine really cheaply at Spotlight. Using colours that suit your scheme, roughly put them all over the page. Allow to dry. Then I splatter the same colours over the top. You can use paper towels to dry things quicker, add texture and lighten colours if they are too saturated.

 Another way to add texture to pages is using acrylic paint and bubble wrap. I paint onto the bubblewrap and then press it onto the paper, you can repeat without adding more paint for a more subtle image. Here I've layered two different colours.

 Using a brush, you can roughly outline/edge pieces of paper to add definition.

 I use an old piece of card to drag paint down paper or canvas. Keep layering different colours until you have achieved your desired coverage. You can let it dry between layers or not. Just have fun playing.

Once you have painted all the pieces and techniques you wish, make sure everything is completely dry and then continue on with your layout as normal!

Here is the sketch of my page if you want to have a go. 

 Go on, get messy!