The 30 before 31 List

Without further ado, I present my 30 before 31 List...
  1. Get another tattoo
  2. Say goodbye to the Blythes
  3. Art-journal every day for a week
  4. Buy that bike and ride to work
  5. Recycle all my old clothes
  6. Take a road trip to Queenstown
  7. Have a tea party
  8. Take a photo everyday for a month
  9. Go to Stewart Island
  10. 26 more scrap layouts (1–4) (5–7) (8–11)
  11. Use typography everyday for a month
  12. Enjoy being a bridesmaid
  13. See a movie alone
  14. Walk Lily every day for a month
  15. Send a surprise gift
  16. Go on a photo walk
  17. Buy nothing for a month
  18. Send a thank-you note
  19. Get some new boots
  20. Have a massage
  21. Do yoga everyday for a week
  22. Go on a thrifting adventure
  23. Complete 200 sit-ups
  24. Join the library
  25. Blog every day for a month
  26. Fly to Wellington for the weekend
  27. Update my blog design
  28. Play with paint everyday for a month
  29. Go to the theater
  30. Take a class or two
Fingers crossed, I have a good feeling about this one!