31 Things

Last year I completed 20 out of 30 things, not bad really when so many other things have happened. There are still a few things from that list that I really want to do so they have made it to this years list too.

So here it is, my 31 Things List...
  1. Go on a road trip
  2. Let the cat out
  3. Paint and complete a room
  4. Get another tattoo
  5. Fill an art journal
  6. Go soda-free for a month
  7. Get a bike and ride to work
  8. Send an unexpected gift
  9. Read all the unread books
  10. Have a massage
  11. Start baking again
  12. Go to Stewart Island
  13. Take a class
  14. Go somewhere new
  15. See a movie alone
  16. Pay off a loan
  17. Get stronger
  18. Disconnect for a week
  19. Paint another room
  20. Fly to Wellington for the weekend
  21. Grow a garden
  22. Do something brave
  23. Go swimming
  24. Take a photo walk
  25. Make a big decision
  26. Spend the day painting
  27. Try macarons again
  28. Be more grateful
  29. Try 12 new recipes
  30.  Complete a photo challenge
  31.  Have a progressive dinner
So, here we go ...