How I'm trying to stay young at heart

The older I get, the more important I feel it is to remember to stay young at heart. Here is a wee list of ways that I'm trying to stay young at heart …
  1. I enjoy a pretty regular visit to the candy store and yes, I do act like the preverbial kid while I'm there.
  2. I adore colour. I try to stay away from wearing black and instead wear whatever colour combinations strike my fancy.
  3. I've decided that grown-up accessories are nowhere near as fun as pretty colored nails and cute clips.
  4. Nothing brings me more pleasure than messing around with paints and paper and glue and anything sparkly just for the sheer pleasure of it.
  5. I have been known to laugh until I think I might actually die from lack of oxygen. Usually at the silliest things.
  6. I love to read and not just the literary works I am supposed to enjoy as an adult, mostly I love cheesy chick lit and teen dramas. And anything by Karl Pilkington.
  7. I want to always stay curious and never stop learning. I get so bored doing the same things day after day.
Here is a quote, from Federico Fellini, that I think sums it all up nicely:
“Put yourself into life and never lose your openness, your childish enthusiasm, throughout the journey that is life, and things will come your way.”