#reverb12 :: 10–16

Day 10: Your greatest risk?
This year I risked going back to school part time to study photography. It felt risky because it had been so long since I had been in any sort of learning environment but also because taking photos is something I LOVE and I was scared of being told I wasn't good enough. The year was challenging but didn't fulfil me creatively so my next risky move was to be okay with stopping my study before I finished. It felt good, I didn't give up because it was hard, I stopped because it wasn't right for me.

Day 11: What was music to your ears?
Sadly it's been a year without a lot of music, but I have had this song on repeat whenever I need a lift.

Day 12: Your most intense emotions?
I was surprised to find myself struggling through another strong bout of depression this year. After a few terrible events I felt myself sinking faster and faster. But my strongest emotion this year has not been sadness or despair, but hope and the belief in my own strength. I know to the very centre of my being that I can make it through anything.

Day 13: Your favourite photo of you?
I spent October getting back into the habit of taking self-portraits, and although I don't love all of them, I love how much easier it gets and how much kinder I learn to be to myself while taking them.

Day 14: The path that brought you here?
I don't know what path bought me here, and I don't know where it is taking me either. I can only trust in whatever happens next.

Day 15: What tingled your tastebuds?

Fish and chips by the ocean, the most amazing Farmhouse Brie, melting Chocolate Lava Pots, home-smoked salmon, venison from Duo, home-made soft bagels, macarons, fresh roasted coffee... I dove head-first into my love of food this year.

Day 16: Who inspired you?

This year I have been inspired by the strength in women. A friend who is unashamedly, unapologetically, determined to be exactly who she is. A friend who had the courage to break her own heart and make a really tough decision because she knew it was right for her. A friend who's kindness and generosity of spirit lifts me up on a daily basis.

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