Another year, another list

Another year older and another list of things to try...

  1. Get married!
  2. Take a class.
  3. Try a new restaurant.
  4. Go on holiday.
  5. Create some self-care policies.
  6. Pay off $5000 of debt.
  7. Complete Project Life.
  8. Paint a feature wall.
  9. Reupholster a chair.
  10. Get my licence.
  11. Paint a dresser.
  12. Finish paying off my computer.
  13. Sell a painting.
  14. Fill my Smash Book.
  15. Upcycle my cabinet.
  16. Have professional photos taken.
  17. Fit my wedding dress.
  18. Find my passion for blogging again.
  19. Finish my portfolio site.
  20. Have an Arrested Development marathon.
  21. Fill my art journal.
  22. Finish my Secret Project Life album.
  23. Find wedding shoes.
  24. Start running.
  25. Put all my old photos in an album.
  26. Decorate the hall.
  27. Make a vege garden.
  28. Get more indoor plants.
  29. Go offline for a while.
  30. Find a ritual to enjoy this winter.
  31. Have a massage.
  32. Buy myself flowers.