Project Life :: My story so far...

Last year my mum was cleaning out my old room and she sent me a box of old photographs. These sat in a drawer until a few weeks ago. I ordered myself a new Project Life album, some page protectors and the Midnight Edition and got to work.

The pages have no embellishment and, at this point, no journalling. But within a few hours (spread over three days), I had all my photos and cards in the album.

I love how easily it all came together, and I love having all my old photos in one place. I struggled a bit since not all of the photos were 4x6, some of the older ones were only 3x5, but I found some easy ways around it by trimming creatively or by sticking the photos onto the larger cards.

If you have any old photos lying around, I couldn't recommend this project highly enough. So simple, so fun and so good to have my photos all stored together in one place. I can't wait to add to it!