Life. It has a funny way of knocking you on your ass at the most unexpected times. One day you are happily motoring through life and the next you've run straight into a brick wall. Change sucks, it happens to everyone and you always get through it eventually (but it feels totally rotten when you're in the middle of the transition).
Here are five things that help me get through tough times.

Often it feels like bad news comes out of the blue. It can be a shock to see your life and plans suddenly turned upside down. Tempting as it is to dive in and start trying to fix the problems, you will be able to think clearer and smarter if you take some time to process what has happened.

We are all guilty of expecting too much from ourselves. During times of stress it is even more important to be kind to ourselves. That might mean treating yourself to a nice bath, taking a long, unhurried walk or it might be as simple as letting the laundry pile up while you take a nap. It also means not making yourself feel guilty for feeling sad or angry, but accepting yourself and how you feel right now.

In times of change, you can often feel out-of-control and uneasy. To feel more pro-active and in-control it can help to have a plan. Re-examine your budget, make a to-do list or come up with a Plan B. Going through your options can help you to see the possibilities and positive options that you do have available to you.

It is easy to try to shoulder the burden alone but you shouldn't have to. Asking for help is hard, but you will be surprised and grateful for how many people in your life will be more than willing to lend a hand. Talking things over with a friend, having someone cook you a meal, letting someone else take care of you or a quiet, reassuring hug will help you feel less alone and more supported.

The most important thing is to try to keep a positive outlook. Things are hard but they will always get better and you will be stronger because of it. Use a journal to list all the good things in your life, fill a Pinterest board or your Facebook page with positive quotes, surround yourself with caring and positive people. Even spending a few hours watching a funny movie or reading a hilarious book can help you to feel better.