Project Life :: De-brief

I'm so happy to come to the end of this project and even more excited that I stayed current and up-to-date the whole year. This is the longest crafty project I've ever undertaken. Here's a wee flipagram of the entire year in 15 seconds!

Some of my favourite pages from the year...

I had decided to scale back Project Life next year. I was going to do a smaller 6x8 album with less regular documentation. But as I looked back through my album this year, I was so pleased to have a record of the best and worst bits of this year. So I made the hasty decision that I am going to do it all again! 

But, I've learnt a few things that will hopefully make next year even better...
  1. Simple layouts.
  2. Better photos.
  3. Less embellishment.
The pages I loved the most were all simple, not plain, but elegant. More designed and less scrappy. They had room for the photos to breathe and used details to tell the story. I'm going to work with the Midnight Edition again because I adore its classic simplicity and I'm aiming to have my photos better reflect that as well. A few people who inspire me are Caylee Grey, Finding Nana, Liz Tamanaha and Catherine Davis. I can't wait to get started and do it all again! Are you in?
Catherine Davis
Catherine Davis
Catherine Davis