Our Wedding

Two months ago today, we (finally) got married. It has taken me such a long time to write this post, mostly because it's so hard for me to properly express in words (and pictures) everything I felt that day. Talk about an emotional roller-coaster! And it's probably best to warn you now, despite forcing myself to do an extreme amount of editing, this is still a pretty photo-heavy post!

Because we got married at home, we spent the morning finishing up last-minute details and getting ready together. We were both pretty nervous so it was such a blessing to have that time together, no one calms me quite like Shane!

I was so happy with my flowers, I may even have cried a little when I picked them up! Sadly, in the rush and excitement of the day, I forgot to take them with me when we had the rest of our photos done so these are pretty much the only photos I have with them.

Once my dad walked in the room, the flood gates opened and I couldn't stop the tears. Nerves, joy, excitement – that is one emotional little cocktail! Once we walked out of the house and into the garden, I felt eerily calm (for me) and just SO ready to do this.

Our ceremony was short, sweet and filled with laughter. We had written our own vows and although I could barely get the words out through my tears, I've never meant any words more. It was such a special gift to hear those words from Shane. I doubt I'll ever forget them (but luckily I have the original Word docs just in case!)

And after signing the marriage licence, it was done! It felt amazing. I think everyone else was happy about it too!

We headed back into the house for a champagne toast and a delicious luncheon. As well as many hugs, a few more tears and, frankly, the most excitement and joy I've ever felt in my life.

We all jumped in our classic cars (three Ford Fairlanes) and headed off on a cruise around town, stopping at a few locations for photos. It took us a while to warm up to the camera, and to be honest we never quite got used to being directed to "kiss".

Both our faces hurt from smiling and laughing so much. And considering how bad the forecast had been, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. (Okay, it could have been slightly less windy, but I was in far too good of a mood to even care!)

Because are guest list was very small exclusive, everyone got to come with us, which meant we got some awesome group shots...

And the obligatory shoe shot (my second pair of shoes, the heels were only for the ceremony, I'm much more of a sneaker kind-of girl).

The whole day really was... so hard to describe but I think this last one sums it up perfectly.