Turning my Winter Woes into Winter Whoa's!

Daylight Savings comes into effect here this weekend and it brings with it the inevitable winter blues. I always struggle with the cold and the darkness of winter, already dreaming about next summer and waiting for the days to start lightening again.

So instead of wishing the time away, I'm going to attempt to enjoy this season as much as possible. Here's a list of things I can look forward to:
  • Eating dinner by candlelight.
  • Turning on our twinkle lights in the evenings.
  • Spending the afternoon reading by the fire.
  • Hot baths after work.
  • Getting outside on bright, clear, frosty days.
  • Sleeping in while it rains outside.
  • Delicious hearty meals (and puddings).
  • Rushing in from the cold and having my glasses steam up!
So far it's a short list but I'm hoping to add to it as I go. Anything I missed?