100 Happy Days :: Update

I've hit the two-third mark of 100 Happy Days and I feel like I'm sliding downhill to the finish line. When I look back through the images I've captured it is quite easy to see a few themes of things that make me happy: my animals, pretty colours, random details, dreamy skies and fancy manicures.

But the real gain that I've had from this whole exercise is really an increased ability to look on the bright side. No matter how shitty that day has been, and I've had some VERY bad days during this time, I've always managed to find something that, even if I can't be super happy about, I can be very grateful for. Which in turn makes me happier in general.

So once again, I highly recommend this whole endeavor. Give it a shot and watch the happiness roll (scroll ;) )in! You can check out all my 100 Happy Days on Instagram.