At this time of year, as the sky darkens and the weather cools, I can't help but dream of all the places I'd love to explore. Number one on my list has always been Paris, but somewhere warm and energetic, like Miami, is looking pretty attractive at the moment too.

I'll admit, the turtles are a huge draw card, but just relaxing on a beach in Tahiti, listening to the waves, sounds like heaven. I think our next trip is likely to be Japan though, we love Japanese food and of course, my washi-tape obsession doesn't help make the decision at all! Somewhere closer to home, Melbourne – with all the amazing restaurants and shopping – might be a good option too. Iceland, and especially the Blue Lagoon, just looks amazing. Doesn't solve my dislike of the cold but it totally fulfills my photo-taking needs.

I'm intrigued by the history, both mine personally and the city itself, of Prague. And in this grey time of year, anywhere as colourful as Mexico would be a thrill. After seeing my dad's photos of his trip to Canada, I'm more than a little bit jealous. And if any cuisine was going to get me to travel around the world, the Greek Islands is going to have to be it.

Where would you head off to if given the chance?