Ombre-misted Journaling Cards

As promised, a simple tutorial for Ombre-misted journaling cards. 

You'll need: blank cards (or make your own), mists, scratch paper, gloves (optional but essential for those of us who prefer not to have green hands for a few days!)

  1. Using a lighter colour mist, hold a piece of scratch paper a couple of inches over and above the card while you mist.
  2. Move your scratch paper forward a bit more and then mist again with your darker colour mist.
Done. It's that simple. But it's not an exact science, so be prepared for a few wonderful accidents and a few throw-aways! Experiment with different colour-combinations, angle your scratch paper in different directions, even different coloured base cards. 

Here are a few examples:

But most importantly, get messy and have fun!