Workspace Wednesday :: Essentials

I thought I'd share a few of my essentials for Project Life (and craftiness in general)...
  • I always have a stash of 4x6 White Cards handy (great for backgrounds and stamping etc), they are also handy for printables if your printer can handle 4x6 border-less printing.
  • Washi tape. An essential or obsession? More is more, right?
  • Date stamp, loving the font and format of the Becky Higgins one but I also have a few others.
  • I have an embarrassingly large collection of wood veneer but it's the perfect little embellishment with out bulking your pockets up.
  • Love my Tiny Attacher. It was a given considering my fondness for minitures. But it's also handy for attaching said wood veneer or other printables.
  • Tape runner. I have no preference to brands, I just get which ever one is cheapest at the time but that being said, some are much better than others.
  • Tags are perfect for layering, journalling or (if large enough) can be used as the actual card itself. I love neutrals so they go with any colour scheme.
  • I LOVE the Sakura White Jelly Roller but have no preference for black pens at all. I don't often write on my photos so I just grab the nearest black pen for journalling.
  • I love little scissors for detail trimming and I use a Fiskars trimmer for larger photo trimming.
  • Stazon is my go-to black ink. Works great on photos, doesn't bleed and is waterproof. Perfect.
So, that is all my basics that I use nearly every single week. The rest of my stash is just frosting. But what delicious frosting it is!