December Daily Plans

I know, I know. It seems far too early to be talking about Christmas but everyone's been talking about the December Daily project since Ali announced this years kit, and it got me thinking about my plans.

I've done attempted a December Daily for the last two years and each year have failed (for various reasons) to complete it. So when I was thinking about this year, and adding another album to the pile, I decided to take another route.

I still have plenty of bits left over from the last two kits and plenty of room left in last years album, so I decided to combine the last two years AND this year into one album. Just the highlights of December rather than a daily thing.

First I took out all the pages from both albums that I didn't love, then I rejigged and added 2012 into the 2013 album. Made myself some divider tabs to separate the years and pulled together all my Christmas-themed bits together for this year.

It was great fun looking back through the last couple of years and I'm looking forward to getting started this year. And finally having a finished album!