A to Z minibook

Last weekend I needed a bit of a creative boost so I picked a new class from Big Picture Classes to try – All About Me | From A to Z, taught by Stephanie Baxter.

I love this little book so much. It is pretty much as full as it can be, in fact I've had to put a large rubber band around it so it will stay closed on my shelf!

I didn't have the same alpha set from the class so I just cut a large alpha on my Silhouette, and then being a sucker for punishment, I sat down for about 7 hours and hand stitched every. single. one. Whew!

Some of the pages I used my Fuse Tool to create a 3x4 pocket with a small 1x4 pocket for journalling. Others I have used the 4 2x2 grid pockets, most use a full 4x4 photo but some of those have a photo collage. For some of the things I didn't have photos for, I used some of the pins from my Pinterest boards to fill the gaps.

I loved this class because it gave me a simple and easy way to finish a minibook, and I finished it in one weekend! You can see a quick video flip through here of the finished book.