Learning Lately

I'm a big fan of Big Picture Classes, anytime I feel in need of a bit of inspiration or to learn something new, I hop on over there and try a new class. Here are a few I've taken and loved lately...

All About Me | From A to Z. I loved this mini book, in fact it is possibly the only mini book that I've actually finished!

Doodled. I love Brandi's doodles so I jumped at the chance to learn how to do it myself. And although my attempts have been less than perfect, the class has inspired me to keep trying.

Paige's Pages. There are three editions of this class now and I love all of them. With the help of this class I am slowly making my way through my piles of patterned papers.

5 Ways with Gesso. Sometimes you just want to get a bit messy and this class was the perfect way to get a bit arty with some pages and try some mixed media.

If you haven't tried Big Picture Classes yet, I can't recommend it enough. And if you have, I'd love to hear what classes you've been enjoying!