Traveler's Notebook :: Crafty Twins Mood Board Challenge #3

Are you ready for the next Crafty Twins Mood Board Challenge? Essie created the mood board for this month and I REALLY had to step out of my comfort zone to work with all those greens!

I have to admit, I cheated a bit and those green greens became more teal greens. But the cooler colours seemed so appropriate for this wintery photo, so thats the direction I went.

The heavy strip at the top seemed to echo the dark heavy feeling the weather has around here lately and I guess all those circles and splatters are equally representative of the weather – theres's snow forecast for today!

Here is the process video of how these pages came together... 
You can watch this video on YouTube or subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Please head on over to Essie's YouTube channel and check out the gorgeousness that she created as well. If you do make something inspired by this mood board, PLEASE let me know, I can't wait to see what you come up with!