OLW :: February

Have you ever tried creating a vision board? I'm a big fan, so this month's OLW prompt is one of my favourites.

I tried something a little different this year, and instead of creating one canvas, I created five mini vision "boards" in my Pocket Page Notebook. I REALLY enjoyed this process and I love the scale of these little boards.

I'm not sure if they are going to be visible enough to be effective, but luckily, I had a tonne of clippings left over so if they aren't, I can just create a canvas for myself as well.

My favourite part about doing it in my Pocket Page Notebook, is that I could create a see-through element to my boards. There was this one quote, which I loved, but it never made it onto any of my pages. So I just stitched it onto my pocket and now it is included as well!

Here is my process for my mini vision boards for the February prompt... 
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