Pocket Page Notebook :: Over it (And why crafting is the best medicine)

Do you craft when you aren't feeling well? And do you document those days as well as the "best day ever"?

I do! I created this page on day 3 of a terrible headache. I was feeling like rubbish but I still wanted to have some fun, so the CRAP DAY set from Kellie Stamps was the perfect jumping off point to document this less-than-great day.

I've got a few tips for crafting when you aren't feeling great:

  • Choose colours you love (nothing cheers you up like a bit of colour)
  • Don't try anything to adventurous (nothing will make you feel worse than not loving your end result!)
  • And stick to easy techniques and styles that you know (you want to enjoy yourself, not add any more stress)

Crafting can be a great form of therapy if you aren't feeling well and is certainly my favourite medicine! (You know, apart from actual medicine. And rest, and fluids, and a warm bed. You still need to take care of yourself!)

Here is the process video of how this page came together... 
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