Traveler's Notebook :: Any Excuse for a Treat

So, this one didn't go quite as planned! Guess how many attempts it took me to get a title on this page? Too many is the answer! I was SO stuck on using a particular set of alphas because they came out of the same kit I happened to be using, that I wasted so much time not using a set that would work even better!

Although, they alphas are THE WORST! Which actually worked to my advantage because I was able to manipulate them and move them around so many times. But on the sheets, they either don't stick at all and float around the packet, or they are so stuck down that they rip when you try to take them off. Not impressed really. It's lucky they are the perfect blue or I probably would have binned them out of frustration by now!

Here is the process for this week's spread... 
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