Coptic Binding Buzz

Another self-taught skill for 2007. I've been admiring the beautiful handmade books from Paperiaarre and have always wanted to have a go. I thought I'd start with some new sketchbooks for myself. The instructions I found on the internet were pretty hopeless and most said the coptic binding was hard to explain but easier to do, and they were right, following a video on YouTube I sort of worked it out. And after a change of mind about equipment, I think the results aren't bad. Too bad I'm a bit late to do Christmas presents for everyone!! This is my first attempt, very loose and lots of tears...

My second attempt was tighter and I managed not to tear any pages...right until the last one!

And tonight, my third attempt, proper waxed linen thread, and a decent needle, helped no end! A little screenprint on top and viola... one pretty handmade sketchbook!