27 July 2014

Around here

Desperately waiting for any sign that it is beginning to lighten up here, my camera roll is filled with picture of sunlight lately. Obsessed, but still see no evidence that the sun is coming back. Sigh.

24 July 2014

Instax Share Love

A couple of weeks ago I got myself the Instax Share. Love, love, love. Never again will I waste my precious film on over or under exposed photos.

Call me a control freak, or put it down to cost-effectiveness, but I love being able to compose, edit and see exactly what my Instax is going to look like. I know that it sort of defeats the purpose of instant photos, the excitement and wonder as it develops, but at $1-$2 each exposure, I love knowing it is going to turn out every time!

It is simple to set up, easy to use and I'm still excited to watch my photos develop. Smug with a certain security that it's always going to turn out exactly as I want it, but still excited.

22 July 2014

Project Life :: Week 29

Without even noticing I was doing it, I ended up with my favourite colour combo again. Pink and teal forever. Had to be quick this week because it was freezing in my room so I'm super happy that working with a kit again makes it so easy. I'm really trying not to hoard all my favourite stuff – my goal is to totally kill this kit. I even managed to sneak in another doily this week (am I becoming a convert? Maybe not) and I'm getting much better with the little handheld sewing machine. I'm usually more of a gold girl but I love all the silver accents this week, goes perfectly with the frosty weather we've been having lately.

19 July 2014

Pinboard :: Cuties

Credits :: clockwise from top left

17 July 2014

Something for the mailman...

Last month, as well as my Project Life kit, I also picked up the card kit (mostly because of that adorable gnome stamp) and I've made a wee collection of cards that I HAVE to try and get in the mail soon (as opposed to hoarding them for a "special" occasion).

Love that wee hedgehog stamp, I know exactly who is getting that card!

Really, I like nothing more than a good pun. Except getting actual mail in my letterbox. And I'm sure I'm not the only one so I'd better get writing!

15 July 2014

Project Life :: Week 28

I totally loved this month's kit and couldn't wait to get started. How cute is that little pear stamp? Also loving that awesome die. And I got myself a little hand-held sewing machine to save me the time and trouble of pulling out my big machine every week, but boy, I'm gonna need some practice! Look at those wonky stitching lines. Adds to the character I guess!

12 July 2014

A lot of silence and a few layouts

It's been quiet around here, winter is biting and the only place I really enjoy being is in front of the fire. Which makes it hard to do anything except read books (like this, this and this) and watch far too much TV (this is my current favourite).

I took a few days off to relax and create and enjoy some daylight, the results of which has been a lot of card-marking and a few layouts...

08 July 2014

Project Life :: Week 27

Luckily my new Studio Calico kit arrived today because I used up the last of my Hello Hello kit on this layout. I even stitched together the glassine bag that holds the cards to create a little background!

01 July 2014

Project Life :: Week 26 (halfway!!)

So June's over and we're halfway through, it felt like it was time to switch things up a bit. I've been inspired by so many PLer's that are switching up their page protectors (especially Finding Nana) that I decided to use these Design K ones that I've been hoarding for a while. Love them. 

And without really meaning to, I've ended up with a pretty pink spread again this week, based only off my pink sunrise photo and those awesome Ashley G cards. I also got a whole lot of new printables this week and spent a bit of time printing and cutting in the weekend (hint, theres a whole pile of free ones too!).

30 June 2014

Sketch :: Little Friends

I'm getting somewhat addicted to this idea. This week I used this awesome print from Ashley G (sadly its sold out but here's a similar one) as my inspiration. This card was super simple to make, a quick water-colour background and some stamping. I actually loved it more before I added the sentiment so I guess that just gives me an excuse to make another one!

27 June 2014

Pinboard :: Cupcakes

Credits :: clockwise from top left

24 June 2014

Project Life :: Week 25

I really struggled this week, I just couldn't find any inspiration. I sat for so long with just a pile of cards and a pile of photos and I almost gave up. But I pushed through, mostly because I just wanted to get it done. I focused on one card at a time and in the end I love it. It might be one of my favourite pages this year. I put all my weeks so far this year into a wee video too, I love watching them all together.

20 June 2014

Sketch :: Pom Poms

Once again I used the Kristina's idea of pinterest inspiration to create a card. This time I used this  image of this awesome Pom Pom garland as a jumping off point. And I'm super pleased with the end result (which I made with the Hello, Hello card kit from Studio Calico).

18 June 2014

Workspace Wednesday

We really are in the middle of winter here and the cold and dark really means that I spend very little time in here. During the weekends there is a flurry of activity but by Sunday evening the desk has been cleared and usually stays that way until Saturday.

17 June 2014

Project Life :: Week 24

Yay, my new Studio Calico kit came before the weekend so I got to use it immediately (very important for someone with my tolerance for waiting!). Teal, pink and gold? It couldn't really get any better than that. There is also a fair amount of letter-pressing (more on that later) on this spread and I love it! I also cracked open my add-on kit for a couple of embellishments and cards. A pretty dog-heavy week this week and I love it!

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