11 September 2014

Making lately...

Here is one of the layouts that have been hanging round my desk lately...

You can see all my work in my gallery here.

09 September 2014

Project Life :: Week 36

Its been a hard week and I think my layout reflects that, the colours are a bit more muted than normal and I didn't have many photos to work with. But in the end I'm happy to have it done and dusted. And I'm looking forward to playing with my new goodies next weekend!

03 September 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I'm in the middle of Marcy Penner's Workspace class, and in the middle of a bit of a shuffle round. Which means there is quite a stack of stuff waiting to be put away. Including a rather large pile of layouts from the last few months. But I'm happy to see them out – it reminds me how much I love making them and that I shouldn't forget to do it!

02 September 2014

Project Life :: Week 35

Bright, colourful and spring-feeling. That's exactly how this week felt. I knew I wasn't going to get much chance to work on this over the weekend while I had visitors here so I prepped as much as I could during the week. Threw in some photos on Sunday night, and another week is finished.

29 August 2014

100 Happy Days :: Round 2

So I decided to start 100 Happy Days again. I actually missed it! This time I'm using Marcy Penner's Mini Book Class as inspiration for a wee mini album to document the process. Here's what I've got so far...

26 August 2014

Project Life :: Week 34

I'm not sure I could pack any more techniques into one layout but I'm super happy with the results. Stencils, embossing paste, letterpress, water-colouring, sewing, stamping, diecutting. I love playing and this week I didn't want to stop!

20 August 2014

Workspace Wednesday

Sometimes the aftermath is just as pretty as the end results.

19 August 2014

Project Life :: Week 33

I went into this week determined to not have a pink and aqua colour scheme. And I think I succeeded! I had way too much fun playing with my letterpress and watercolours, stamps and sewing machine. I also love the switch from gold to silver, but I still love having some metallic in there.

15 August 2014

Pinboard :: Soft

Credits :: clockwise from top left

12 August 2014

Project Life :: Week 32

Illness threw me off track this week but I still managed to stay upright long enough to pull this page together. I was spurred on by the arrival of all my new goodies. I must say I don't love this months kit but I do LOVE my new dies and letterpress plates so they feature heavily this week.

07 August 2014

On their way...

I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of my next Project Life kit and thought I'd share some of the other goodies I have heading my way. I also nabbed the Card kit and Scrapbook kit this month as well as the paper pad. Had to add a few more inks to my collection as well as a Glitter Brush Marker. I can't wait for Marcy's new Mini-Book class so I had to get the Gold 4x4 Album and a few refills. I added a few more letterpress plates to my collection, including this lovely, and was lucky enough to grab this die too. I could pretend I was sensible and that that was all I picked up, but I'd be lying! I also grabbed these, this and all the printables.

05 August 2014

Project Life :: Week 31

So many things I love this week. My new obsession with stencils and embossing paste. Distress inks. Gold foil stickers. More letterpress. A bright and cheerful colour scheme for a cold and dreary week.

01 August 2014

Pinboard :: Art

Credits :: clockwise from top left

30 July 2014

Workspace Wednesday :: Essentials

I thought I'd share a few of my essentials for Project Life (and craftiness in general)...
  • I always have a stash of 4x6 White Cards handy (great for backgrounds and stamping etc), they are also handy for printables if your printer can handle 4x6 border-less printing.
  • Washi tape. An essential or obsession? More is more, right?
  • Date stamp, loving the font and format of the Becky Higgins one but I also have a few others.
  • I have an embarrassingly large collection of wood veneer but it's the perfect little embellishment with out bulking your pockets up.
  • Love my Tiny Attacher. It was a given considering my fondness for minitures. But it's also handy for attaching said wood veneer or other printables.
  • Tape runner. I have no preference to brands, I just get which ever one is cheapest at the time but that being said, some are much better than others.
  • Tags are perfect for layering, journalling or (if large enough) can be used as the actual card itself. I love neutrals so they go with any colour scheme.
  • I LOVE the Sakura White Jelly Roller but have no preference for black pens at all. I don't often write on my photos so I just grab the nearest black pen for journalling.
  • I love little scissors for detail trimming and I use a Fiskars trimmer for larger photo trimming.
  • Stazon is my go-to black ink. Works great on photos, doesn't bleed and is waterproof. Perfect.
So, that is all my basics that I use nearly every single week. The rest of my stash is just frosting. But what delicious frosting it is!

29 July 2014

Project Life :: Week 30

I had a great time this week playing with different textures and my attempt at a different colour scheme turned out to be more of a slight variation on a theme. Never mind.

Pulled out my letterpress again and made a couple of different cards using ideas from the Letterpress 2.0 class. I used my favourite polka dot embossing folder to emboss a couple of different cards, the vellum one is especially fun. I also printed a couple of photos of different papers, a grid card and a plain card. I love the look of the grid card – planning to try printing on patterned paper next.

Overall, light and bright and much more optimistic that I felt all week. That "Everything will be alright" card was a must – simply for the moral support!

27 July 2014

Around here

Desperately waiting for any sign that it is beginning to lighten up here, my camera roll is filled with picture of sunlight lately. Obsessed, but still see no evidence that the sun is coming back. Sigh.
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