17 December 2014

Workspace Wednesday

Since painting my sewing station a lovely, bright white, I was somewhat reluctant to just slap my sewing machine on top. I decided it needed a little something extra so I whipped up this neon, polka-doted, pom-pom fringed beauty for both protection and cuteness. Love.

12 December 2014

Holiday Cards :: Week 9

Its the last week following along with Kristina Werner's Holiday Card series. Only one card this week to make a total of 25 holiday cards. I've really enjoyed myself making these cards and trying to stretch my stash. I'm pretty sad that I finished all these cards before I got my hands on what might be my favourite holiday stamp ever, but I'm sure it'll make an appearance soon. So here it is, the last holiday card of 2014...

Of course, I couldn't help myself and had to make one more after I saw this awesome tutorial for what might be the easiest shaker card ever!

11 December 2014

Before and After :: Sewing Station

I found this old chest of drawers at a second-hand store last year and not long ago I moved it into my study so I could have my sewing machine set-up and ready to go all the time (handy for some quick mending or Project Life ). But it's rough, wooden exterior didn't really suit the room. So I gave it a wee spruce up!

 A new coat (or four) of paint and some new handles and it's looking all lovely and bright. Much better.

09 December 2014

Project Life :: Week 49

Managed to squeeze out one more week before my new kit arrives. Loving the spring-like colours (and the abundance of sunshine this week!).

05 December 2014

Holiday Cards :: Week 8

Another week following along with Kristina Werner's Holiday Card series. Three pretty simple cards this week and only one more card to go! I'm excited to start sending these guys out. Here are my Week 8 cards...

04 December 2014

Mini Book – Love

I took this great mini book class from Celiene Navarro at Studio Calico not so long ago and I thought I'd share the results...

I'm so please with how this turned out, it's a lot messier than my normal style but I had SO much fun working on it. I swear my fingers are still a bit pink from dying the cover material though!

Each page is actually a pocket which hides even more photos.

02 December 2014

Project Life :: Week 48

The end is getting closer! Only 4 weeks to go. I had a pretty average photo week so just about every one of these is from the weekend, but I'm ok with that. Some weeks are just like that.

30 November 2014

Pinboard :: Magical

Credits :: clockwise from top left
fire; polka dots (source unknown); windows; magical; bedroom.

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28 November 2014

Holiday Cards :: Week 7

Another week following along with Kristina Werner's Holiday Card series. Still finding my lack of holiday stamps a bit of an issue but I have resisted buying anything extra. Here are my Week 7 cards...

27 November 2014

Planner Love :: DIY Dividers

Someone asked me how I made the dividers for my planner. There are a couple of ways that I created my dividers. When I first got my planner I dove straight in and glued my existing dividers to some patterned paper, cut around the edge, punched some holes and started decorating.


I've used all sorts of things to decorate them, rub-ons, stickers, old postcards, washi tape. The possibilities are endless. And I get to use up my abundance of small letter stickers for the titles! Mostly I just wanted to have fun and if I change my mind or don't like the result, I'll simply make new ones. In fact, I'm pretty sure these are going to be changing often.

But once I decided to make dividers to divide the divisions (!), I had to find another way. I could have just traced the existing dividers onto some more paper or cardstock and then cut them out, but since I'll probably be making a few of these, I created my own cut file for my Silhouette. Then I can cut out as many dividers as I need! I've included the cut file below for those of you with a Silhouette.

A5 Planner Diver Cut file


25 November 2014

Project Life :: Week 47

This was a really hard week. Really hard. I've chosen to focus on the good instead of the hard.

23 November 2014

Around here

Spring is well and truly taking hold around here, although the forecast for this week might suggest otherwise. Snow, really? With the return of Daylight Savings and the longer evenings, we've been spending a lot more time outside. I love seeing the way my garden has endured the winter and is bouncing back into life. So pretty.

21 November 2014

Holiday Cards :: Week 6

I'm still following along with Kristina Werner's Holiday Card series. I found it a wee bit challenging this week with my limited holiday supplies but found that by using the idea behind the card rather than the actual product, I could still get pretty great results, even if the cards aren't exactly the same. Here are my Week 6 cards...

20 November 2014

December Daily Plans

I know, I know. It seems far too early to be talking about Christmas but everyone's been talking about the December Daily project since Ali announced this years kit, and it got me thinking about my plans.

I've done attempted a December Daily for the last two years and each year have failed (for various reasons) to complete it. So when I was thinking about this year, and adding another album to the pile, I decided to take another route.

I still have plenty of bits left over from the last two kits and plenty of room left in last years album, so I decided to combine the last two years AND this year into one album. Just the highlights of December rather than a daily thing.

First I took out all the pages from both albums that I didn't love, then I rejigged and added 2012 into the 2013 album. Made myself some divider tabs to separate the years and pulled together all my Christmas-themed bits together for this year.

It was great fun looking back through the last couple of years and I'm looking forward to getting started this year. And finally having a finished album!
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