V8's & Early Morning Road Trips (Or what we got up to this Easter)

We finally got the 351 Windsor fired up on Thursday night and then (much to the delight of the neighbours) ran in the cam on Friday afternoon. It was the first worked engine I've ever started and what a rush! The noise, the smells, the glowing flows! I think I may be a little bit addicted! Shane was so excited to finally have it running, we have been waiting a long time. Now to start on the other one!

It was a very early morning road trip up to Timaru to see my granddad and Mum on Saturday. It was beautiful driving by the coast, the weather wasn't great but the sun was trying desperately to peek through the storm. The reflections on the inlet were stunning!

And that is what we got up to this easter (well Sunday I spent house cleaning and doind many, many loads of washing but the photos weren't that exciting!) Hope you had a great Easter too!