Itty Bitty

Yesterday I found a really great book of old nature illustrations, courtesy of Cherry Fields, Artforms of Nature by Ernst Haeckel (available here) which is now in the public domain and can be used in your own artwork. Which is brilliant timing because I am about to receive a few little ACEO's in the post and have been making a little album to house them but I couldn't decide on what to put on the cover.

I just love this hummingbird illustration and printed it, doublesided, onto really thick silver metallic card. The photos don't do it justice, but the birds really shimmer.

The back is printed as well, with the bottom half of the illustration.

And the inside pages are really thick black card with enough space to house 96 ACEO's. Now I can't wait to fill it up with them. Let me know if you want swap an ACEO with me as I have been making a few originals and limited editions during the long weekend.

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