Dressmaking Success

I followed the pattern, I carefully read each step and I didn't rush anything... and it worked. I have created clothing, which I am wearing, in public, at this very moment.

The dress is slightly too big and I may need to take it in, but I did it. And even managed not to mess up the collar (gasp). I am quite proud I must say. I have even decided what to change if I make another one (smaller size, smaller, rounded collar. Probably grey with red gingham on the wrong side of the collar and pocket flaps and red domes). Thats right I used domes (cheat) but I was sure there was no way I'd be able to do 6 good buttonholes in a row. And I'd spent too long to fall down at the finish line. I like to call it a design detail!

1 comment :

  1. It looks great! I am so jealous. I've been wanting to learn to sew for ages and I just need to sign up for a class or something.