More RVA Layouts

Had a little time to myself tonight so used it to do a couple more layouts. Had to have my passport photo taken today so I used the leftovers to do a little layout. I've just about used all of the kit now. Can't wait to get my October kit!


  1. I love these layouts! On the one photo, is your bird made out of acrylic? Did you paint on it? I love your scrapping style, you are one talented lady!

  2. The little bird is a clear shrinky dink, coloured using pencils. He looks all glossy cos I turned him over to sit on that side. Thanks for your kind words!

  3. i just "discovered" you today and i'm in love.
    your scrapping style is awesome, and i love what you've done with the RVA kit. rocking it girl!!
    can't wait to see more and get to know you a little bit through your blog.
    :D <3