A life Story... in a box

The weather has been so applauling I can't get any good photos of my Life Story stuff. I'm totally finished I just want to post it here, so please sun, shin a little today!

The lid of my box is subdued and plain. I wanted to go with a neutral colour palette and really let the 'story' stand out. I used my favourite little vintage goodies and a few sparkles for good measure!

I loved Kara's idea of a little treasure map so inside my box there are a million layers of paint. I love how some of the metallic paint shows through in place and makes the whole inside glow (hard to tell in these pics I know!). I glued some lace around the top and draw my little map inside, which was quite hard, the box is quite deep so I had to hold the pen really funny (it must have been hilarious to watch, like a chimp using tools for the first time!)

The bottom of the box uses Kara's word prompts and a few more sparkly sequins. I'm altogether very happy with the box and it looks lovely sitting in my messy little room. Hopefully I'll post the rest soon.

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  1. I love your box!!!! So beautiful and wonderful!!!! Love the treasure map and all the words!!! I haven't even had a chance to start mine yet but can't wait!!