Shh... it's a secret!

Here are a few things you might not know about me...

1.  I'm almost 29 but still feel about 18!

2.  I hate tomatoes but love pasta sauce, tomato soup...

3.  I do love having a cat but I am forever and totally a dog person.

4.  I've started therapy and I love it (should have gone years ago!)

5.  I dream of quitting my job and becoming an artist

6.  I lost over 30 kilo's (66 pounds) and kept it off but can't lose anymore

7.  I hate wearing rings! And even though I'm engaged but it still feels strange wearing a ring

8.  I love blogs but they sometimes make me feel small and not good enough

This was totally inspired by Elsie's and Silje's secret posts. 
All images from We Heart It. 1. From here  2. From here  3. From here  4. From here  5. From here  6. From here  7. From here  8. From here

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  1. I love what the scales say in the photo for #5 and only wish mine could say the same...

    As for feeling small and not good enough - Diane - you are always going to be better than good in my book!