29 before 30 List

This is it. The last year of my twenties. Am I freaking out? Not yet. But I really do have a lot of things I want to do this year. Some things are on this list, somethings are a bit too big for a list like this.
But I'm really going to try very hard to do all these things, because they are things I REALLY want to do. More than that, I don't want to NOT do them.

Here they are:
  1. Buy, for myself, the hugest, prettiest bunch I peonies I've very seen.
  2. Take more photos. And actually edit them, upload them or print them. Document this year.
  3. Continue on my journey of self discovery and healing.
  4. Create at least 12 scrapbook pages.
  5. Visit Louise and take her a great house warming gift.
  6. Try on a wedding dress (or make my dress pattern in a non-wedding fabric).
  7. Art journal constantly. At least once a week, or no if needed.
  8. Visit dad and Lou's new house and not just to scout as a potential wedding venue!
  9. Actually, finally, pay of my credit card and throw it away for good.
  10. Learn not to be so afraid. Or at  least stop letting fear control me.
  11. Read all the books I've bought and have never finished reading.
  12. Make a great dress and wear it with style.
  13. Subscribe to a great magazine and be thrilled each month when it fills my mailbox.
  14. Do another swap with Ms Debs.
  15. Buy three more prints to replace the prints I've stopped seeing.
  16. Take an art journal class with Dina Wakely, and really push myself.
  17. Build a magical fort and spend a Sunday playing.
  18. Keep exercising regularly and enjoy getting fitter.
  19. Get a tattoo. Even if it's a small one. Just stop being a baby and do it (see No. 10).
  20. Re-open my etsy shop.
  21. Make and send one card a month to someone special.
  22. Take a really great holiday with Shane and really relax.
  23. Get a massage (heaven!).
  24. See a movie by myself. Candy, popcorn, the whole nine yards.
  25. Teach Lily how to shake paws, without bribery!
  26. Spend a morning exploring the Public Art Gallery.
  27. Stop feeling intimidated and visit the M.A.C counter and buy something pretty.
  28. Embroider something pretty to hang on my wall.
  29. Celebrate the last day of my twenties in fabulous style.
Image from We Heart It