a nice way to spend the morning...

I took some time off this morning to wander round our wonderful art gallery and see a couple of exhibitions I've been dying to see.

Heather Straka: The Asian, was fantastic. We spent a long time trying to decide which one was the real one out of the 50 hand-painted copies. It was amazing to see that each of the copies looked so similar until you really looked and noticed all the subtle differences in each. In fact, after spending a great deal of time looking, I realised that they were all quite different.

Seraphine Pick, Wandering Rose, 2008.

The Seraphine Pick exhibit was the one I most wanted to see. She was the first artist I fell in love with at school and my love for her paintings hasn't appeared to dwindle at all.

 Seraphine Pick, Girl (with Offered Eyes), 2004.

I love the dream-like, fantasy worlds she creates, the deep and rich colours she uses, and the depth and layering in her paintings.
 Seraphine Pick, High Rise, 1995.

Every time I go to the gallery I get an uncontrollable urge to paint. This time in oils. Now to dig out my oil paints...

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