Made by Me

As you probably know, I have a fondness for mini-books. And I took Elsie's Photo Journal E-Course, which is super fantastic! Here are a couple of mini's I made from it...

First up, an I Love You to the furry babies in our house:

Secondly, a dream list of all the things I would buy if money were no object (sadly, not winning Lotto last night means that these will have to hold on at least one more week!):

I've also made a third book this week, this time not from Elsie's class, it is not so much an altered book, as an altered purse. I've had this funny purse/wallet type thing for a while, never used it but didn't quite know what to do with it. Yesterday it struck me. It would be perfect for a little mini-album:

When you open it the pages accordian out of it. I'm really pleased to finally use my little purse and I'm really happy with the resulting mini. Now I wish I had another one!


  1. Oh I loove your books! I never thought of using black paper but that is really neat & the purse thing is a VERY good idea. Yay!

  2. Your books look lovely ... what a great way to capture thoughts, memories and visions around a theme.

  3. Your books are beautiful. The accordian book looks gorgeous. I really love that style. I really love the idea of the 'if money were no object' list too.