New Tricks

I love using banners and pennants on my scrapbook pages. So, today after I had a little scary-themed photo-shoot with the Blythes, I decided to make a page with a creepy banner. Here's how...

Stamp your word onto cardstock (emboss, cut out, write, punch, letter stickers etc). Punch out circles (or flowers, hearts, stars, triangles, any shape you want).

Punch out slightly larger shapes in a different colour. I roughed up the edges of all my pieces. Glue the stamped shapes onto the middle of the plain shapes.

Using a shape needle and embroidery floss, thread your pieces onto the floss, making sure you are spelling the word correctly! I always thread a little closer to the top so the pieces hang properly underneath.

Attach your floss to tow different sides of you paper. I use masking tape on the backside. Allow enough slack in the floss for it to hang a little bit. Space your pieces they way you'd like and glue down if you want.

Here is my finished page. I think these look great for any sort of holiday page.

And here is the sketch if you want to have a go, which I highly suggest you do! If you do, let me know, I'd love to see!