Pick & Mix

I want to live here. This house is so bright and colourful and filled with pattern. A great mix of pattern. I love it.

I love every single photo from Lola's Room. Delicate and soft and romantic. The little mini calendars are so cute! I think I'll get one of them (cos then I get 13 photos and don't have to pick just one!).
 Amen. From Wordboner.
These illustrations from Lisa Chow of Apt. 3305 are so cute. I love how detailed they are. Might make a perfect engagement gift for a certain friend I know.

OMG. This dress is amazing. I love the lace. I love the black. I love that it is pink! Love it all. Photos from welovepictures.

I hope you are having an amazing week! Half way through October and Blogtoberfest. Can't believe it!