Is that change I smell?

At exactly this time last week, I handed in my resignation from my job. This is a job I enjoy a lot, working with people who have become my best friends, in an environment which caused tears, anxiety and depression.

In January, we were told we were no longer allowed to talk during work. That was the final straw in a very long line of straws. I came home in tears and Shane told me to leave. For the first time, I decided he was right. I had to leave. As scared as I was, I couldn't stay there anymore. So I started looking for work and making a plan for my life.

As co-incidence would have it, Shane had been turned down for a job here but because of that, an opportunity opened up out of town. I decided to have a look at what sort of work was available there and low-and-behold there was a great design job going. I nervously applied, and a few weeks later after multiple interviews and tests, I was offered the position.

So now we are busily trying to find somewhere to live and organise a move, which for now will just be me. I am scared and excited and nervous and a little bit brave. But mostly proud of myself for making a decision that is right fro me, in spite of my fear. I did it anyway.