Parting Gifts

 A friend at work gave me this spectacular tangerine rose as a leaving gift. But the beauty of it is, she gave it to me last week so I've actually had some time to enjoy it! So thoughtful.

I only have two days left at work and four days before my life gets packed into boxes and moved. I am such a swirl of emotions that I can barely function. But mostly I am excited to be taking this chance to start a new adventure, grateful to have someone to share it with, and sad to be leaving behind the friends and life that I have built here. 

When I look back to the girl I was when I came here, I was a sad and lonely girl, desperate to start a life. And over six years I have. I think I've learned something from every experience and person, good and bad, and although I have taken what I have for granted a lot of the time, I am grateful for everything.