3 weeks to go!

With three weeks to go until my birthday, I still have a few things to cross off my list...

1. Buy myself the prettiest bunch of peonies – doable
6. Try on a wedding dress – not going to happen, but I end up with a bridesmaid dress, does that count?
9. Actually, finally, pay of my credit card – um, nope. Miserable fail.
12. Make a great dress and wear it with style – there is still time.
15. Buy three more prints – I haven't and probably won't. I'm trying to decrease the stuff I have.
18. Keep enjoying getting fit – another miserable fail. Last winter hit, I had some health issues and never got started again.
20. Re-open my etsy shop – I opened it but never listed anything. So not going to count it until I do.
21. Make and send one card a month – I have sent more than 12 cards, but not once a month. You decide if this gets a tick or not.
24. See a movie by myself – another totally doable one.
29. Celebrate the fabulous last day of my twenties – still deciding if I'm going to spend it on the beach or on the rollercoaster. Either way, it is going to be fantastic!

I'm pretty proud of my successes this year. These last few things say more about the way my plans/goals have changed then anything.

Can't wait to make next years list!

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  1. I think your list is great!! I'm considering doing one myself for before I have baby - I did an experiment last year where I tried to live like I only had 30 days left - I lived SO MUCH, it was awesome. I wish everyday could be like that!!

    Good on you for visiting the MAC counter - that place intimidates me too. And the cards totally count, I loved mine thank you :)

    I hope the new home is treating you well and you are happy with the move!