Divider notebook tutorial

 For this project you'll need:
  • Paper for the inside pages. This can be any size you want. I used 21cm high by 29cm long.
  • Card for the cover. This should be the same size as the insides plus an extra 1cm long.
  • Decorative papers for dividers. These should be the same size as the insides plus an extra 2cm long. I used two different double sided papers.
  • Ruler, scissors, craft knife, pencil and a corner rounder (optional)
1. Fold the inside pages in half and round the corner if you like the look.
 2. Fold the cover in half, leaving 1 cm extra showing on the right hand side.
 3. To make the dividers, fold the decorative paper in half. Divide the height by four, this will be the size of you divider tabs. On the first side of the first paper, measure down the first tab and then cut a 1cm wide piece down the side. You can round the corners too if you want. The back side doesn't need anything cut from it as it will be tab number 4. On the second piece of paper, measure down two tabs and cut. Then on the back measure down three tabs and cut out.
 4. Make your notebook layers. Start with the cover, then some insides, then divider piece one, more inside, divider two and more insides.
 5. Line up all you pieces at the fold, then flatten and hold in place with clips.
 6. Using a sewing machine or handstitching, sew down the middle crease.
 7. Fold in half and voila, you have a cute divided notebook.
8. Decorate and enjoy!