Art Journal :: Decisions

Sometimes I find it really hard to make decisions. Here is a page I created to help me decide about something I've struggled with.

Prompt: Decisions
What are you trying to decide? It doesn't matter if the decision is huge or something very minor. Why are you hesitating? Do you secretly deep-down know what you want? Write down both sides of the argument. It will probably become clear what you really want.

Layer your page with scrap papers, I used an old book page and the inside of an envelope. Find a magazine or catalog picture that best suits your mood. Cut (or tear) it up and use 3 or 4 pieces in random places on the page. Stick it all down with plenty of masking tape. Then start journalling. As little or as much as you need. Add some doodles if you feel like it.

Hopefully you will have made the decision, or at least have a clearer picture of what's holding you back.


  1. Oh man, I am SO bad at deciding things (I'm a gemini), and have a couple of big decisions I'm dealing with now. This is a great prompt and I'm totally going to go for it!

  2. I just recently been looking at art/visual journals and I must say I really really like them. Love yours it's a great idea ... thanks for the tips.