So, it is offically winter. And while we haven't actually had a decent frost yet, I already feel perpetually frozen. Winter is not my favourite season, I miss the light and the sun and the feeling in my fingers. There are a few things I do like though ...
  • Sitting in front of a roaring fire feeling my body finally starting to thaw out.
  • Coming in from the cold and jumping straight into a hot shower.
  • Big, hearty, carb-filled food including a slew of hot desserts (with custard).
  • Curling up in my warm bed reading a good book while the weather rages outside.
  • Braving the elements to take the little dog for a walk and coming back all rosy-cheeked and wind-swept.
I guess it's not all bad. Here's to Winter. May the next three months go by enjoyably and quickly.

And if you're heading into Summer where you are, fancy a house-guest?

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