The sweet smell of success?

I love nothing more than mastering a new skill and I decided to test this new found mastery today by making not one, not two, but three different batches of macarons. Salted Caramel, Jaffa and Meyer Lemon Cheesecake.

My first batch was perfect, smooth little shells with pretty, lacy feet. I was so full of myself at having conquered these little beasts. I was taking photos and texting my friends, almost jumping for joy, bursting with pride.

And then I baked the next batch. Major fail. Inedible epic fail.

The next batch went in with a little more trepidation. And these were no prize winners either. You can guess where the rest of this story is heading.

So today I haven't learnt how to make fail-proof-macarons. I have learnt not to get too full of myself. One success does not mean I've mastered a new skill. It just means I have to keep practising.