#reverb12 :: 17–24

Day 17: How did you make a difference?
This year was difficult for many people in my life and I hope I made a difference to them by giving what I had at the time, a small amount of time, a bit of advice and a whole lot of love and understanding and someone to listen. I know that when I was given these gifts in return, they made a big difference.

Day 18: The colour of you?
This year appears to have been my year of grey. I painted my kitchen grey, I planted my garden in grey and white, and someone even pointed out that lately I've even started wearing more grey without my usual pops of colour. I've been in this grey space before and I fought my way back into a colourful life. Which is exactly what I intend to do again.

Day 19: How did you nourish your self?
I didn't. This year I "got through". Always with the promise of feeling better soon. But not really doing anything to nourish myself in the moment. It was a feast or famine year, either too much of something or not enough.

Day 20: What was lost and what was found?
I lost the balance in my life, not enough feeling led to an over-indulgence in everything else. Not enough peace meant too much TV mind-numbing. Not enough joy lead to eating too much. Not enough exercise because of too much sadness. I'm yet to find the balance again but I'm going to work on it.

Day 21: What's on the dream list?
For a long while I had dreamed of my own house, what I would do, how I would feel. And this year I checked that off the list. The dream comes with a lot of hard work and a lot of extra expenses but I love knowing I have a place in the world that is mine. My dream for next year is to travel a bit more, see a bit more and explore my world!

Day 22: Your most important gift?
It continues to be my most important gift, the gift of friendship. No matter where I go, I always find a special group of people who take me for what I am, laugh with me, support me, help me. Beautiful kind souls who I couldn't be without. These friendships always grow and change but are always there when I need them most.

Day 23: What will you let go of?
I want to let go of the excuses. I'm too tired, too busy, too unfit, too scared, too, too, too. I want to see these excuses for what they are, lies that keep my life small, and let them go.

Day 24: The most important habit you will cultivate?
I want to create a habit of movement. I need to get stronger and fitter and healthier and to do that I need to move. Sitting behind a desk all day has made the habit of sitting a hard one to break but I want to move and keep moving, free up my muscles and breathe deeply.

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