Secret :: Project Life Project

As much as I'm loving my Project Life spreads and the folder as a whole, I found myself wanting something more. Each week, I always print too many photos or have things that I want to put in but that just don't fit. It was making me sad to throw them away so I created another little PL project.

After seeing what Kelly Purkey was doing with her PL this year, I grabbed myself a pretty wee Snap folder and got started.

This album is a place for all my little moments and extra photos, a place to experiment with technique and colour and most of all, there are no rules! I don't have to put together any coordinated spreads. The pages and pockets are so small that I only need to work on one little section at a time and the pages come together themselves. Most evenings I sit down and create a little something.

I put in cute journalling cards I've found, patterned paper I love, quotes I've collected and pages from magazines, instax photos and anything that doesn't make it into the big album. I've used paper stitching, confetti pockets, cutouts, tags, brads, washi tape.

I love having a wee album that is just about me and having fun with paper again!