Project Life :: Week 23 (and a little behind the scenes)

Almost halfway through this project and I can't believe how easy it is to stick too. The only hard part lately has been finding enough daylight to take photos and get a blog-post up!

Most of this week's spread is thing that happened in the weekend, but I'm starting to embrace the fact that that really is the way our life happens. SO thats what I'm going to document, rather than trying to force something out of the ordinary weekdays.

And now for a little behind the scenes...

More often than not, this is how my set-up looks when I'm working on Project Life. Because my desk is usually quite full of stuff very important things, I have a little fold-up table that I put my albumor page protector on to work out my card placement. My wee typewriter table gets pulled over when necessary and there is awlays something playing on my computer while I work (this week it was the Ricky Gervais Show). Its messy but it works. Thats what I love about my Project Life.