100 ways to sparkle

  1. Wear nail polish (which may or may not be glittery).
  2. Make and send a card every week.
  3. Give someone a heartfelt compliment. 
  4. Bring someone coffee in the morning.
  5. Go outside and breathe the fresh air.
  6. Say yes to social engagements.
  7. Be excited to see old friends.
  8. Chose something other than black to wear.
  9. Get your sweat on and move your body. Regularly.
  10. Wear sequins to work.
  11. Put the car windows all the way down.
  12. Sing really loud.
  13. Be accepting and loving or yourself and others.
  14. Eat dessert first.
  15. Give really good hugs.
  16. Buy yourself something pretty.
  17. Change your hair style.
  18. Read a good book.
  19. Wear your good perfume everyday.
  20. Be grateful.
  21. Be honest.
  22. Give someone a thoughtful gift.
  23. Accept praise with an open heart.
  24. Accept criticism with a graceful spirit.
  25. Buy yourself flowers.
  26. Buy someone else flowers.
  27. Have a coffee with friends.
  28. Eat waffles for breakfast.
  29. Drink something bubbly.
  30. Have a bubble bath.
  31. Get an early night.
  32. Stay up late.
  33. Go out for dinner.
  34. Go for a picnic.
  35. Clean out your closet.
  36. Buy a flattering new outfit.
  37. Try something different.
  38. Stretch.
  39. Relax.
  40. Breathe.
  41. Visit somewhere new.
  42. Take a nap.
  43. Bring cupcakes to work.
  44. Do the housework while listening to music. 
  45. Take the dog for a walk.
  46. Make a donation.
  47. Hang something pretty on the wall.
  48. Turn off the computer.
  49. Stop comparing.
  50. Watch something that makes you laugh out loud.
  51. Light a candle.
  52. Let go.
  53. Ring someone and have a good catch up.
  54. Eat more fresh food.
  55. Wear something you have been saving for a special occasion.
  56. Celebrate.
  57. Create a special ritual.
  58. Rearrange the furniture.
  59. Paint a room.
  60. Take a road trip.
  61. Print your photos.
  62. Get up early and enjoy the quiet.
  63. Ask for help when you need it. 
  64. Accept it without guilt.
  65. Buy a new pair of shoes. Or two.
  66. Wear polka-dot pants.
  67. Take self-portraits, don't refer to them as selfless.
  68. Pick up a paintbrush.
  69. Have a coffee break and get away from your desk.
  70. Stop making excuses.
  71. Share your talents. 
  72. Make someone feel special.
  73. Use glitter wherever possible.
  74. Leave yourself enough time to get ready in the morning.
  75. Take your makeup off every night.
  76. Get a massage.
  77. Give a massage.
  78. Learn something new.
  79. Look through old photographs.
  80. Be grateful.
  81. Let go of regrets.
  82. Forgive others.
  83. Try a new hobby.
  84. Smile at strangers.
  85. Always have hope.
  86. Throw your windows open.
  87. Change your sheets.
  88. Play with your pets.
  89. Bounce back.
  90. Eat dinner in bed.
  91. Lend a hand.
  92. Be a cheerleader.
  93. Floss your teeth.
  94. Grow your own strawberries.
  95. Bask in the sunshine when you can.
  96. Create something beautiful.
  97. Use the good glasses.
  98. Wear pink lipstick.
  99. Stand up for yourself.
  100. Never let anyone dull your sparkle!