Studio Tour

I'm very lucky to have a whole room for my crafty endeavors so I can spread out as much as I like and paint the walls pink if I want to and make as much mess as I can and clean it all up immediately and have everything in the exact place I left it in. Plus nobody cares how many animal things I have on display!

Some days I wish I was more of a minimalist but the reality is that I love all my stuff and could never declutter everything. I am trying to make more of a concerted effort to use what I have rather than hoard all the pretty things (this course is helping a lot). Luckily I'm super organised so I know where (just about) everything is. Storage is key for me so I have lots of drawers and cupboards to keep everything sorted.

I keep all my essentials in little bowls on my desk so they are within reaching distance as well as all my everyday tools like pens, paintbrushes, scissors, punches etc. We keep a couch in here too, which mostly functions as a bit of a dumping ground most of the time, or a place for Shane to sit when he visits. But it also folds into a bed which is a bit more practical when we have people staying. I keep all my project life stuff out so I can access it easily and my tower of drawers (with wheels for maneuverability) has been a life saver for storing inks and pens and paints. Several drawers hold supplies for ongoing projects as well.

I love this room, its bright and sunny and inspiring. And it works really well at the moment so I'm not sure why I'm feeling the itch to shake things up. But you know what they say, a change is as good as a holiday. I'm not sure I agree but I'm not due a holiday for a while so a wee change-up might have to do for now!