Project Life :: Week 25

I really struggled this week, I just couldn't find any inspiration. I sat for so long with just a pile of cards and a pile of photos and I almost gave up. But I pushed through, mostly because I just wanted to get it done. I focused on one card at a time and in the end I love it. It might be one of my favourite pages this year. I put all my weeks so far this year into a wee video too, I love watching them all together.


  1. i love how your pictures are small and they don't take up the entire pocket. I stopped my PL when i got to frustrated with printing and i liked NONE of my pics. :( what printer do you use? i bought the canon pixma hoping to use the program (easy photoprint EX like Leena on Findingnana uses) and it doesn't work! do you use photoshop then print? sorry so many questions. I just want to get back into PL everytime i see your posts!!

    1. Hi Mara, I loved the idea of a program like Leena used too! Seems so simple. I resize my photos in Photoshop, usually after I've worked out what cards I'm using, and then I print. Either on 4x6 photo paper for individual photos or as a collage on an A4 piece then trim them all out. It really is the most boring part and I find it takes the longest too. I hope you find a system that works for you!